bienvenido a barcelona.

MAY, 2018
JUNE, 2018

Let's be honest, Barcelona has been on your bucket list for years now, and for good reason. Its streets are painted with history, art and culture and you’ll find the best tapas, paella and homemade vermouth right here. This cosmopolitan city has everything to offer. Be at the epicentre for opportunities and have the chance to connect with people from all over the world, all while enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle of Barcelona. The rest it's up to you, just get ready for this experience.

Break your routine, find new perspective, build new relationships and develop your business. You’ll find that just being in this vibrant city will increase your productivity and provide balance in your life.

Who's coming?

People like you: creatives, businessmen, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs... All of them with different backgrounds. We will choose 25 of you for each one of our 30-day co-working retreats experiences, so you'll only have to worry about having the experience of a lifetime with a group of like minded people.

How does it work?

We provide private rooms or private accommodation - as you prefer. Full-time access to a comfortable co-working space and weekly workshops (on a variety of different areas), curated experiences (dinner parties, weekend adventures, access & connections) and immersive learning for the cost of a premium online course.

Oh, and yes, and the unique experience of being surrounded by 25 freelancers to have fun with and learn from.

Everything is customizable to your wants and desires for this trip. This is your experience. 

Coworking retreat in Barcelona

What's included?

●      Airport pick up

●      Local SIM card

●      Furnished apartment or private room in a shared house

●      Welcome orientation brunch, lunch once a week and goodbye dinner

●      Full membership at our co-working space

●      Meeting with leaders and business opportunities

●      Exclusive trainings, workshops & networking

●      Curation and organization of various small trips, tours, and activities ranging gastronomic tours and cooking classes, yoga, live flamenco, wine tasting, sailing, Spanish lessons and more (class/tour fees not included).

●      Full calendar of events and activities to choose from: expositions, galleries, parties, concerts and much more

●      CoWorld assistant who will guide you through your stay


May, 2018
June, 2018


1 Month CoWorld In Barcelona

→ 2.200€ and up w/ shared accommodation.
*Couples → 50% of discount for couples (if the accommodation is in a department, not in a house)- we're assuming you will share bed :)


Are you ready to join us in BARCELONA for the adventure of A LIFETIME?