APRIL, 2018

Imagine waking up in Buenos Aires, the queen of "la plata". Prepare some mate, toats with dulce de leche, and go out to discover this European corner at the heart of South America that takes you to an imaginary trip to far away places such as France, Italy and Spain. 

Is the home of the tango, seductive and cosmopolitan, and is where we will join 25 creative and enterprising people from all over the world to live, work, and explore Buenos Aires for 30 days.  Take a break from your routine, find a new perspective, build new relationships, and develop new ideas with a community related to you. A month with CoWorld is investing on the best version of yourself, on living your life with intention and purpose without ceasing to be productive, betting on your career. 

The Community

We join people that are interested on co-creating a working culture base don productivity, collaboration, personal growth, and adventure. Creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, workers on remote. 
You will expand your network of friends and contacts with curious and successful professionals from around the world, who can help you expand your business and grow personally.

How it works

You will live in a private furnished accommodation designed to feel like home, or in a private room in a shared house. You will also get a full-time membership in our co-working space, a local SIM card and fast Internet connection wherever you go. You will have access to our famous trainings and weekly workshops where you will learn about the development of your business, growth hacking, marketing and communication, personal balance, web structure and task automation, to our parties, activities and weekend excursions.

Don't worry, you can live on the move and stay productive

CoWorking Retreat in Buenos Aires

What's included?

o    Pick up at the airport
o    Local SIM card
o    A private room in a beautiful and central shared apartment. Or private accommodation, if you prefer.
o    Full membership in our local co-working space.
o    Welcome orientation brunch, lunch once a week and farewell dinner.
o    Meeting with leaders and business opportunities.
o    Training, workshops & networking (Beer & Work by CoWorld).
o    Organization of several trips, excursions and activities ranging from gastronomic tours, Sunday roasts, tango classes, yoga classes, Spanish classes and more (class / tour fees are not included).
o    Complete calendar of events to choose from for the month: Exhibitions, galleries, parties, concerts and much more.
o    CoWorld staff to facilitate the experience and connect you to everything you need.


April, 2018


1 Month In Buenos Aires With CoWorld

→ From 1.900€ with shared hosting.
*Couples → 50% of discount for your partner if the stay is in an apartment (we assume you will share a room) ;)


Are you ready to join us in BUENOS AIRES for the adventure of A LIFETIME?