We have tried to answer all the frequent doubts but, if you think we have missed something, please let us know!

What is a “CoWorld experience”?

The CoWorld experience consists on taking a break from your routine, look for news perspectives, establish new relationships and develop new ideas.
You can look forward to a productive working atmosphere, regular dinners and thematic conversations, training from same to same, commissioned events, weekends excursions and more.
From the start that you get to your destiny, CoWorld provides you with everything you need to be connected, comfortable and collaborative; a private room, a shared working space, workshops, optional activities and an immersion experience in the community.


Are you offering me a job?
No. Everyone who comes on our retreats has a job already. Our community is created by digital nomads, freelancers, location-independent professionals, artists, entrepreneurs... In fact, we offer co-working retreats, it means our trips are work-focused, so most of us will spend some time working on remote jobs.

Is there an age limit to be part of CoWorld?
Noooo! It’s quite the opposite: we believe that both age diversity, as well as personal interests and the life experiences of each of you is what makes each trip unique. No matter how old you are, we are sure you will learn a lot from the CoWorld community, and the community with you.

But, who attends these trips?
Most of our retreats participants are young professionals around 25 to 40 years old that either work freelance, are developing their own project, have an office position that allows them to work at long distance or are owners of their own company. All with diverse personalities and interests. 
This is an encounter experience: of learning and creating networks that allow you to boots your business, of course, but also to have fun and to live a different and unique experience. 

But the retreats… Are they very structured?
No, this is your experience. We only take care of creating a structure so that you can join different activities, take part of workshops and connect with the people you wish. We make so that the conditions are favorable so that you feel comfortable and you can enjoy a space where you can stay in touch with your business and interests and, as well to enjoy the country we are staying for 30 days, just like a local.

But you decide your way around, nothing is mandatory!

Alright, I’m almost sure that I’m going to signup to one of your retreats, but what exactly comes included, and what doesn’t?
The price of the retreats includes:
•    Accommodation (or private room).
•    Coworking space.
•    Orientation about the destination, welcome dinner and party.
•    Airport pickup on arrival (in the majority of destinations).
•    Weekly lunch to share experience and learning.
•    Training and networking. Meeting with leaders and business opportunities.
•     Local SIM card for mobile connectivity (if it’s available).
•    Organization of workshops, objective sessions, guest speakers, happy hours and parties.
•    Dedicated staff to facilitate the experience and connect you to everything you need.
•    What you and your colleagues decide to contribute: give your own workshop, organize a dinner, ...
* Please take a look at the specific destination pages to get further more details to what is provided in each destination, as well as the price.
Doesn’t include:
•    Local transportation (but advice)
•    Optional activities and adventure sports (yoga, ski, bicycle rental, diving, hiking, dance classes, language classes, etc.)
•    The meals are not included, if no said otherwise; in any case, we do organize group dinners and with all of the participants we divide the total cost (when a group dinner is decided).

 Sounds great, but…How much is it?
Each experience is different, but our goal is that you spend the least possible or the same as you would if you lived for a month of your own, but living like a local and with training included, networking, and the possibility on creating friendships and business with people from all around the world. This starts at $2,100 a month for cheap destinations, and up to $2,500 for more expensive destinations. The prices vary due to slight changes as we finalize the details.

Can I get my boss to pay for one of these experiences?
We hope, if you have a job that allows you to work long distance: this is an excellent opportunity to grow and provide more value in your workspace.

How long in advance do I have to book it?
Our trips are relatively small. We only accept 25 to 30 people for each trip. We recommend booking with some time in advance. Keep in mind that most trips are full or almost full 60 days before the retreat.

How does the deposit work?
The deposit is of 500€. The amount is fully refundable, unless you cancel just 45 days before the withdrawal - in that case, we are left with 100€. If you can not come to the experience you have signed up for, you can also write us to transfer the deposit to another CoWorld experience, one time and without any cost, 45 days before the original withdrawal start date.

Can I bring my partner?
Of course! :)
Check our destinations pages - you may have a discount! 

Are the retreats also aimed at companies?
The CoWorld experience is designed for all those who bet on improving teamwork, interacting with different cultures and profiles that can stimulate personal and collaborative work.

Do I need a visa?
Whether or not you need a visa depends on your country of residence and the destination you choose. Ask us or Google quickly if you need a visa to enjoy the retreat you have chosen ... The important thing is that you do it before getting on the plane!

Do I need travel insurance?
Although it is not mandatory, we could not advise you more. The minimum medical outlay can become high abroad - even if it is a minimal accident such as a toothache or a sprain.
We recommend you the Iati insurance to travel with no worries, especially those that come with: medical assistance abroad, cancellation expenses, displacement of a family member, theft and damage of luggage, and repatriation and transportation of a sick person.