You don't have to choose between learning, working and traveling

CoWorld offers 30-day co-working retreats around the world for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers and location-independent professionals.

We look for learning opportunities to enrich our experiences, work and lives. We integrate our co-working group with the local community, to provide you with the opportunity to get to know the local market and introduce your company, project and/or services into the area. Our goal is to build a community with a sense of adventure, a group of people who learn from each other, all whilst exploring a new country and having a once in a lifetime experience together! 

Our Story: Why should your work define where you should live?

Those who work independently may choose not to have an office in order to avoid expenses or not feeling tied down. But staying still is not the best choice if you want to meet new people in order to grow your business, or to find new clients and it can be difficult to make progress - or to have fun. Of course there are always cafes where you can get online, but they aren’t always the ideal working conditions!

This is how CoWorld was born. The company was founded to make the most of new, modern ways of working.

To provide the opportunity to change your surroundings in order to escape routine; to arrive at a place that you have wanted to know for a long time. A place where you can be online and connected to your work and interests while meeting people from other cultures and areas. A place where you'll have unforgettable experiences while you build your business further and where your lifestyle will become a new learning process, with new interactions and new things to enjoy.

This is when we decided to change our lifestyle leaving behind our office and making our interests a way of life. We created CoWorld as a way to be able to connect with people from different parts of the world. This experience gathers together those who are eager to learn and believe there are no limits.